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Korg re-re-release MS20

Iconic semi-modular now available in four colours

Korg MS20 FS

Korg's MS20 was a roaring success the first time around, and no less so when it was reissued in miniature form in 2013, and in full-size DIY kit form a few years later. Now the Japanese synth giants have reissued the full-size version again, this time pre-assembled and in a choice of four different colours.

You can now, for the first time since 1978, buy a full-size, pre-made MS20 in its original black livery. Alternatively, you can pick up the new/old synth in dashing white or (and with apologies to Korg) in 'SH-101 khaki' or in 'Oberheim blue'. The MS20 FS is otherwise identical to the 2013 kit release, which means it also features the useful 'late/early filter' switch (which lets you select between the Rev1 and Rev2 filter types), and plays ball with MIDI, either via 5-pin DIN connection or USB.

The Korg MS20 FS is due to start shipping in December, and will carry a price of $1999.

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