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Sonicware update SmplTrek firmware

Compact sampler gets a major update

Sonicware SmplTrek compact sampler sequencer instrument firmware update

Sonicware have announced the release of a firmware update for SmplTrek, their compact sampler and sequencer unit. The update introduces a number of new features including a Performance mode, loop playback support and a whole host of other functionality improvements and bug fixes.

With the addition of Performance mode, users are now able to play instrument, drum or loop tracks directly from the Home screen. The up and down keys can be used to navigate tracks, and knobs a to D can be used to control parameters such as EQ or filter frequency, resonance and gain, effects send levels and track volume. The SamplTrek will exit Performance mode when moving to another screen, but will retain any parameter changes until a new project is loaded.

The instrument is also now capable of looping multiple scenes. A Playback menu has been added to the Project menu’s Settings section, allowing users to select the new mode and define loop start and end points. It is also possible to enter the mode from the Home screen by pressing the Func and right selection buttons.

A number of other enhancements have also been made, including new Mono and Legato modes for instrument tracks, along with transposition options for MIDI and instrument tracks. An Auto-step recording function has also been made available for drum, MIDI and instrument tracks. Clips can now be copied between tracks of the same type (or between MIDI and instrument tracks) and the device’s metronome can now be toggled on or off quickly by pressing the Func and right selection buttons in the Edit screen of any clip.

The company have made improvements to the source code that handles track EQ duties, resulting in the elimination of noise when adjusting a track’s EQ settings, and it is once again possible to use MIDI Program Change messages to switch scenes.

We reviewed the SmplTrek in the June 2023 issue of SOS, click here to take a look (print / web / app / replica / PDF editions).

Pricing & Availability

The new firmware is available now for current owners, and is free to download from the Sonicware website. For those wishing to purchase a SmplTrek, they are priced at $429, and will now all ship with the v3.0 firmware installed.

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