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    MIDI On The Road: Part 1

    Designing The Rig

    Being a MIDI-based musician doesn't mean that you can't get out and play live gigs; you just need to plan more carefully than the average pub band. Grizzled live MIDI veteran David Harman explains the pitfalls and outlines some of the preparation you need to take your show on the road.

    Techniques Aug 2001
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    Recreating The Ballet Mécanique In The Digital Age: Part 2


    Last month, Paul D. Lehrman described how he became involved in a project to create a performable edition of George Antheil's prophetic but never performed, Ballet Mechanique, in its original version with 16 synchronised player pianos and a human ensemble. With the process of sequencing the 1240-measure work complete, he was now faced with the task of preparing the first ever live performance of the piece...

    Techniques Sep 2000
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    Q. How can I conquer PA feedback when rehearsing?

    I am singer in a band just starting out, and we practise at rehearsal rooms with cheap PA equipment. I use Behringer...

    Sound Advice Sep 2000
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    Reconstructing A Live Recording In The Studio

    Feature | Tips & Tricks

    Imagine you've spent a lot of time and money setting up a one-off gig in a historic castle, for a select audience, with the aim of recording and videoing the performance for future release. Then disaster strikes: catastrophic equipment failure leaves you with half a gig on multitrack tape, and major rebuilding work is needed later in the studio. Phil Bates mixes some cement, rolls up his shirt sleeves and tucks his pencil behind his ear...

    People Jun 1997


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