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MIDI Interfaces

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    RME Fireface 802 FS 60-channel audio interface analogue S/PDIF ADAT Wordclock MIDI

    RME Fireface 802 FS now available

    60 channels of analogue & digital I/O

    The Fireface 802 FS provides users with a high-end 60-channel recording solution that boasts ultra-low latency operation and the stable, reliable performance that RME are renowned for.

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    MIDI Clock transport control metronome source +5V modular Eurorack

    CLOCKstep: MULTI from JMK Music Pedals

    Integrate MIDI Clock with Eurorack/modular rigs

    CLOCKstep: MULTI is a MIDI Clock, transport control and metronome source with +5V outputs that allow it to be used with Eurorack and other compatible modular synth systems. 

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    Arturia MiniFuse Pack

    MiniFuse Recording Pack from Arturia

    Company announce hardware & software starter pack

    Arturia’s latest offering bundles together a collection of hardware and software aimed at musicians, producers and content creators looking for an all-in-one recording solution.

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    Source Audio MIDI Adapter effects pedal control C4 Synth Aftershock Atlas Spectrum Intelligent Filter

    Source Audio to launch MIDI Adapter

    Adds MIDI control capabilities to selected pedals

    Source Audio have announced the upcoming release of a MIDI Adapter that will provide MIDI functionality to each of their single footswitch effects pedals.

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    Sync Outside The Box

    Keeping Synths & Grooveboxes In Time

    Going DAWless presents many challenges — not least keeping all your gear in sync...

    Techniques Jan 2023
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    Nektar WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB wireless bluetooth midi solution

    Nektar wireless MIDI solutions

    Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI devices

    The WIDIFLEX and WIDIFLEX USB from Nektar offer wireless MIDI solutions for almost any MIDI device.

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    IK Multimedia iRig Pro Quattro I/O interface and line mixer

    IK Multimedia iRig Pro Quattro I/O field recorder/mixer

    Latest iRig device packed with features

    New portable audio interface and line mixer boasts some useful features aimed at field recording and live streaming. 

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    Retrokits RK-006

    Portable USB MIDI/Gate Hub

    Retrokits’ RK‑006 is a tiny but incredibly versatile hub for MIDI, USB and modular.

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Alesis V49 MkII

    Alesis update V Series keyboard controllers

    Affordable MIDI keyboards upgraded

    MkII keyboards feature drum pads, synth-action keybed and a built-in arpeggiator.

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    Roland WM-1

    Roland WM-1 & WM-1D: wireless MIDI system announced

    Connect up to four devices to a single computer

    Bi-directional MIDI interface lets you connect up to four devices to a single computer, phone or tablet.

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    Polyend Poly 2 MIDI-to-CV

    Eurorack Module

    This very useful eight-voice module serves as a fantastic gateway between the modular worlds and just about anything that spits out MIDI.

    Reviews May 2020
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    Introducing MIDI 2.0

    The Next Level

    After nearly 40 years everybody's favourite digital music protocol is about to get an upgrade...

    Music Business Mar 2020
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    Q. How can I best connect several MIDI synths/ keyboards to my computer?

    How do I set up my synth collection and computer? I already have everything going through the mixer so I can record audio, but want to have everything working through MIDI...

    Sound Advice Feb 2020
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    Retrokits RK-005

    USB MIDI Hub

    Retrokits' flexible MIDI interface proves that good things do indeed come in small packages.

    Reviews Mar 2019
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    ESI M8U eX

    MIDI Interface

    This class-compliant device works with Windows (7, 8.1 and 10) and Mac OS systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit) without the need for drivers. When not connected to a computer, the M8U eX also works as a standalone MIDI thru or merge box.

    Reviews Feb 2019
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    Kenton Electronics Thru-12 & Pro CV to MIDI

    MIDI Distributor & Converter

    Even though it first saw the light of day in the early 1980s, MIDI is a protocol that shows no sign of fading away, and for those of us who depend on it, it’s an ongoing relief that companies such as Kenton exist...

    Reviews Dec 2018
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    Kenton announce Pro Solo Mk3 MIDI-CV converter

    Problem solving box offers more CV control than ever

    Modular synths are everywhere and with the popularity of the Eurorack format, they largely exist as part...

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    Vermona qMI 2 MIDI-CV eurorack module.

    Vermona Quad MIDI Interface 2

    Eurorack Module

    The qMI 2 combines four separately addressable CV/Gate channels with the polyphonic voice assignment of the Perfourmer Mk2 synth.

    Reviews Mar 2017
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    Summer NAMM 2016: Tascam iXR

    Two-Channel USB audio & MIDI interface

    If you record on the go, then form factor is really important. Enter Tascam's brand new portable,...

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    NAMM 2016: M-Audio MIDISport series & DACs (Video)

    MIDI, headphone and DAC accesories from M-Audio

    M-Audio have long been known for their robust MIDI interfaces, but now the company are revamping the range with USB MIDI connectivity...

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    Panda Audio MidiBeam

    Wireless MIDI Interface

    Panda Audio’s MidiBeam wireless MIDI interface does pretty much what it says on the tin.

    Reviews Jan 2015


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