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April 2019 Magazine Contents

SOS (US Edition) April 2019

Reviews: Solid State Logic SiX (cover) • Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa • Waldorf Quantum • Arturia KeyLab MkII • Genelec S360 • JoeCo Cello • FabFilter Pro-L 2 • Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 4 • Korg Konnect PA • PreSonus Atom • Luke Audio AL-Y56 • Rode RodeCaster Pro • Overstayer 8755DM • Warm Audio WA73-EQ and more.

Techniques + People: Inside Track: Queen 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Soundtrack • Foals • Mix Rescue: The Vietnam Flashbacks • Session Notes: Multi-purpose Recordings • Studio SOS... plus DAW workshops.



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Music Business

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    MOSH, São Paulo

    Studio File

    The largest country in South America, Brazil boasts a musical history like no other, spanning classical music, heavy metal,...

    Music Business
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