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October 2016 Magazine Contents

SOS (US Edition) October 2016

Reviews: Native Instruments Maschine Jam (Cover), Clouds Hill FX Echo, Make Noise 0-Coast, Unity Audio Super Rock, Mackie ProDX8, Twisted Electrons Acid8, Lauten Audio LA-320.

Technique: Session Notes, Mix Rescue.

Features: Robbie Chater & Tony Espie: Recording The Avalanches, The Rise Of The Large-scale Rehearsal Studio, Inside Track: John Feldmann & Zakk Cervini.



Sound Advice


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    Robbie Chater & Tony Espie: Recording & Mixing Wildflower

    The Avalanches’ debut album Since I Left You took the art of sampling to new heights — but it has taken them 16 years to finish the follow-up!

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    Mixer Messages


    Those of us who grew up with tape machines and mixers can see how most DAWs follow an analogue mixer paradigm, but this might not be quite so obvious to a musician who’s taken the DAW route from the start...

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    Sounding Off: Use Your Brain, Not Your Mouse

    Dave Stewart

    Mastering a little musical craft and applying your imagination will get you a lot further than fiddling around with plug-ins. Use your ears, not your eyes. Use your brain, not your mouse...


Music Business

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