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December 2019 Magazine Contents

SOS (US Edition) December 2019

Reviews: Gear Of The Year 2019 • Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre • IK Multimedia MODO Drum • Sound Devices MixPre-6 II • Kemper Profiler Stage • JBL Eon One Compact PA • Black Lion B173 Quad mic pre • KMI K-Board Pro 4 • Dynaudio Core 7 nearfields • Samar Audio TF10 mic • Toontrack Decades SDX.

Techniques + People: Stage To Studio (front cover): Mixing A Live Recording • Inside Track: DaBaby 'Intro' • Downton Abbey: Film Sound • ADAM Audio: Smart Speakers • Tomas Skogsberg: Modern Metal • Miking & Preparing Your Upright Piano • The Midas XL3 Story... plus DAW workshops.



Sound Advice


Music Business

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    ADAM Audio: Smart Speakers

    Christian Hellinger & Stephan Mauer

    How will producers hear music in years to come? As they celebrate their 20th birthday, ADAM Audio have ambitious plans for the next generation of studio monitors.

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    The Story Of The Midas XL3

    Midas Touch

    We follow the journey of one plucky British analogue mixing console, from its birth in a shed to the heart of a museum exhibition and a place in the history books.

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