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August 2020 Magazine Contents

SOS US Edition August 2020

Reviews: Neve 1073OPX mic preamp • Jones-Scanlon Baby Reds nearfields • Arturia OB-Xa V • Apple MacBook Air • Two Notes Torpedo Captor X • Roland A-88 MkII keyboard • Arturia KeyLab Essential 88 keyboard • PreSonus Eris E7 XT & E8 XT monitors • FabFilter Saturn 2 plug-in • Erica Synths Fusion Eurorack modules • MAAT thEQblue12 mastering EQ • Radial HDI • Cre8Audio NiftyBundle Eurorack • Nextmidi Divisimate arrangement software • Shure KSE1200 in-ears • Mackie EM-91C mic •  XILS Lab X505 softsynth — and plenty more!

Techniques + People: Akai MPC Basics (front cover) • Inside Track: Lady Gaga 'Rain On Me' • How And When To Use Multiband Compression • 11 Tips For The Cash-strapped Studio • Craig Parker Adams: Mixing Frank Zappa • Synthesis Techniques For Emulating Vintage Sounds • Georgia Barnes • Time-aligning Multi-mic Recordings • Double-tracking Techniques — plus essential DAW workshops • [Video Feature] Pete Cannon: Producing Retro Jungle • [Video] Recording Studios Are... Pointless / Essential ! 



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